Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wild Animal Park & The Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend we had a fun filled family weekend.   My sister came down with her family and we hung out at the Wild Animal Park together with our families.  I love hangin with my Sister and having her husband and my adorable niece around.  It was so fun walking around the Park and seeing the different animals.  Justice was so excited about visiting the Zoo that he's already asking to go back.  It was such a beautiful day out and the weather was perfect.
Here are some pics from our trip:


My adorable niece Sophie

 Enjoying nature and some photography

After the Zoo my sis stayed over and we ordered Pizza while unwinding and watched Friends with Benefits. The movie was hilarious, and it was awesome waking up to my niece and her adorable face.  Sunday we all got up and met with my sister Melyssa and her family as well as my Mom, Kevin and Lukas at Peltzer Farms.  We walked through the corn maze, watched the Pig Races, and the kids enjoyed the animals at the petting zoo.  To end the afternoon we had a late lunch/early dinner at Red Robin. 

"When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses." 
~Joyce Brothers


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